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Website Content Writing Services

Your website is your company's business card. It's the primary tool to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. But for that to happen, it's important to ensure your site's content is well-written and optimized for the reader. 

What is website content writing?

Website content is any content you put on your website. Such content describes your business, service or product benefits, team, and other information. It's important that website content is descriptive and answers all the questions your visitor might have. It also must be intuitive to lead your visitor through the buyer's journey. 

What are webpage examples?

A home page, about us page, service page, contact page, pricing page are the most common examples. But you can have many more web pages on your website to improve your customer experience and answer as many questions as possible to make their journey seamless.

More about writing for web

My process of writing content for a webpage

It all starts with a call where I get to know more about your business. Before the call, I send a questionnaire where you can answer the important questions about your business that help me align my ideas and research with your vision and message.


When we agree on the structure, I perform keyword research based on the search intent. The intent of web pages is different from the one of a sales or blog page. When everything is set, I write your website content to highlight your message and help the client understand how your product solves their problems and what benefits it gives.

Website content price

The price for a webpage starts at 150 EUR. 


The rate might vary based on the individual needs of each client. The price includes SEO research, two revisions, and tax.

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