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How To Make Your Business Blog More Relevant

A business blog is an integral part of a company that seeks to stand out. According to recent statistics on content marketing, companies with blogs produce, on average, 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog. However, just having a blog won’t guarantee results. For the blog to perform, it has to provide useful information and be relevant to readers.

The benefits of blogging for business are immense – it’s a great way to increase your organic search results, create content for social media, engage with users, educate customers, and ensure your credibility. In this article, I want to walk you through six practical tips on transforming your blog from a collection of a few basic articles to a relevant and elevating source of information.

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How to create more value with your blog

Follow trends relevant to your business

Being up-to-date is essential for a business that wants to stay relevant. Following trends is one way to get there, but following all the trends might do the opposite.

Following trends is an easy strategy, but it’s also a surefire way of being lost among other businesses that do the same. So, what should you do? I recommend staying up to date with your industry-related trends that are actually important to your customers.

You can celebrate Christmas, Hanukkahs, Saint Patrick all you want, but think about the value it brings to your consumers. Going more in-depth into the issues that concern your industry-specific reader base can help you stand out and attract more visitors.

A simple example is a femtech company that creates articles on women’s health, posting a few pieces to raise breast cancer awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a trendy topic during that month, and it’s relevant to their readers.

Focus on a reader, not search engines

It’s still common to write so-called SEO articles. It usually means that a text is full of targeted keywords, written for search engines, but not real people. News flash – search engines are working on providing the most relevant and compelling content to real people.

As search engines get smarter, it’s much more difficult to trick them into ranking poor-quality, keyword-stuffed content high.

Instead, use keywords strategically, use them to tell a story, and complement the information you’re presenting. It’s much more beneficial to get readers to read posts, not just search engine crawlers to scan and rule them out.

Be consistent

Posting and communicating with readers consistently means you stay essential and relevant. Consistency looks different for everyone. Maybe for some businesses posting once a day works well, and for some, posting once a month, but a focused and research article is a better strategy.

However, consistency also means staying within a specific range of topics. For instance, if you run a femtech business focused on helping women go through menopause, you might want to keep with related issues, not jump from best foods to cope with menopause to rearranging your living room to feng shui.

Involve your customers

Engaging with your audience does not only help to build a meaningful connection with your customers, but it can also get you useful insights into your readers’ interests and concerns. Use your blog, social media, newsletter, and other channels to communicate and engage with people.

It can be as simple as communicating in the comment section or more interactive like live videos, surveys, and contests.

People like to participate and be part of a community. Use this to your advantage to build your customer community where current users and potential clients could educate themselves and be part of the change.

Shake up your blog’s content

No matter how informative and compelling your blog posts are, eventually, readers might lose interest in reading the same format day after day. A simple solution is to mix up your content. Instead of endless “how-to” blog posts, spice things up with video material, infographics, guides, e-books. This will keep you agile and your readers interested.

A woman on a phone

More personality and emotional connection

A personal touch, stories, and emotional connection are what get people intrigued and keep them reading. We are much more likely to follow a narrative than straight facts, as stories help us relate better. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your business story, to use some personal facts in your content. It’s a new age of a business that seeks to connect, not to stand on a pedestal.

You can use this approach not only for blog posts but also for your about page, landing pages, and social media.


Making your blog more relevant doesn’t need to be a hardship, you only need to know your audience, have a strategy, and learn from your customers. However, let’s not forget a content writer who can turn your ideas into stories that people love to read. If you need help in creating more relevant content, let’s chat!


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