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7 Reasons Why Hiring A Bilingual Website Content Writer Is A Good Idea

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Access to fast internet connects the world and allows you to dive into a much broader talent pool. Endless remote work opportunities and tools that help you manage a remote workforce enable hiring people from all over the world.

So why not hire a bilingual website content writer for your business? Language skills are crucial in a modern and international working environment. Bilingualism can offer many benefits for your team and company. However, I still see many employers being cautious about hiring someone from abroad.

And I get it. When it comes to writing, language skills come first. You don't want your clients reading some indecipherable text. But that doesn't mean you can't find a talented writer who has mastered two or even more languages.

And trust me, if you do, you can get many more benefits than just quality content.

But let's start from the beginning.

How is content writing helping my business?

Captivating, relevant, and informative web content is helping your website attract more visitors, communicate with them, and turn readers into customers. But for the content to reach that level, you need a professional and skilled content writer.

Unlike copywriting, website content writing focuses on long-form copy like blog posts, landing pages, and other web content. That means such content is more informative and is mainly used to create awareness, boost your website's traffic, and warm up visitors to become customers.

What does a content writer actually do?

A content writer, besides the obvious, also performs SEO research, plans content, researches new topics, and analyzes the results of the published content. So, the end copy you see is a final product consisting of long hours of researching, learning about your audience, understanding your business, keywords, their intent, and other important metrics.

Why is a content writer essential for an online business?

A content writer is essential for digital and traditional businesses. But it would be safe to say that in this day and age, almost all companies are digital or have at least some digital presence. Content, in this case, is a vessel that brings visitors to your website through persuasive content and the right SEO strategies.

You need your content to appear on search engine result pages to be found, and a good web content writer knows how to use words strategically to help you achieve that.

So, now we know why a content writer is vital for business success, but why should you hire bilingual writers?

7 benefits of working with bilingual website content writers

They can translate or write your content in two or more languages

If you wish to expand your business to more countries than one, you have to create content in that language. Not everyone speaks English, and most importantly, not everyone searches in English for your products.

If you want to target a specific region, you would need to hire at least one more person to translate the web copy. But now you have one person who can not only translate what you have already written but also write new content in two languages.

They have a broader experience

It takes time to learn a new language, but it's even more challenging to write in a language that's not your mother tongue and use it for work confidently. That means that someone who learned one or more languages had to go through blood, sweat, and tears to reach the point they are now. That takes courage and a lot of skill.

If you're hiring globally, you can expect the new hire to have much more experience in various fields. This experience can help you better understand the foreign audience, grow, and expand internationally.

Culturally rich language

Language isn't only about words, each language is different because of the culture that shapes it. Hiring someone with a diverse cultural background enriches your company's culture and your content.

Bilingual content writers see language differently as well. They can use their native expressions and cultural references to spice up your content and make it more authentic.

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They use simpler language

Writing as you speak is rule number 1 for compelling content. Simpler words and phrases make content more conversational, which resonates with readers better.

And who can do it better than someone who speaks multiple languages? It's not because they don't know convoluted words or phrases, it's that their head isn't cluttered with linguistic rules you learn in school.

It's a good image for your company

No matter where your company is based, it's almost impossible to avoid other languages. Not only does the internet and global economy make it easier to reach international markets, but also many people come to work in foreign countries. You must speak at least a basic level of some primarily used languages to get a job and advance in your career.

Hiring bilingual and foreign people can advance your business significantly. People from diverse backgrounds bring their authentic experience, which makes your company look better and gives great insights on how to reach more people, network globally, make partnerships, and thrive.

Cognitive advantages

Some studies show that people who speak more than one language or are bilingual have better memory, more robust problem-solving skills, and other cognitive advantages. Our whole social and behavioral systems are based on the language we speak and the culture we come from.

When you learn a new language and embrace its culture, you use more of the different brain regions. Regardless of the occupation, smart people are always a significant advantage to the company.

They can help you expand your audience

I would say this is the most important benefit for you. As I've already mentioned a few times, nowadays, most modern businesses expand internationally. If you offer a digital product or a service, it makes even more sense to sell it worldwide.

A bilingual website content writer can give you valuable insights into different markets, conduct SEO research in different languages, and write content for the people in that region.

Let's also not forget international networking events where someone who speaks the language can connect you with potential partnerships or business leads.

Where can you hire bilingual website content writers?

There are plenty of websites online that let you reach an international talent pool. If you're willing to hire a freelancer or remote worker, you can find suitable candidates on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and even LinkedIn.

If you want to make a well-informed decision, I prepared a list of the best places to find and hire content writers online. Plus advantages and disadvantages. All the websites and ways mentioned in the article will help you find the right candidate for the role.

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Working with people from different cultural backgrounds can be intimidating. You don't know their business ethics and skills. However, the hiring process is always a bit dicey. But trust me, the right candidate can enrich your whole business with valuable insights, a new outlook, and the potential to grow together with your business.

And if you're looking for a bilingual writer to outsource your work to, let's chat. I offer web content writing services like web page copy, landing pages, and blog posts. And now I'm giving a 30% discount for the first project, so don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your web content.

Let's chat!


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