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Landing Page for SaaS Businesses 

Sell your software solution with powerful landing pages that convert. 

What is a landing page for?

A landing page is a webpage designed specifically for your customers or site visitors to "land" on after clicking on a link. For a SaaS business, a landing page is focused on promoting the software product that your business offers. A common example of a landing page is when a visitor clicks on an ad, such as one on Facebook. The landing page they're directed to provides all the necessary information to make a sale, including a description of the product, its benefits, and a clear call to action to convert the visitor into a customer.

Why is it important to consider SEO when writing a landing page?

Effective on-site SEO is essential for SaaS landing pages, as it can boost organic traffic through keyword and content optimization. A landing page is typically located at the bottom of the buyer's journey, and as such, it needs to be optimized to align with relevant search intent and have a clear call-to-action.

By selecting appropriate keywords that align with the landing page's search intent and providing valuable content for visitors, you can significantly increase both organic traffic and conversion rates.

More about landing pages

My process of writing a SaaS landing page

  1. We arrange a call to get to know each other better 

  2. You fill out a questionnaire to help me familiarize myself with your business and brand.

  3. Based on the search intent, keywords, and clear landing page structure, I write a landing page that is tailored to your unique audience.

  4. We discuss any edits and revisions necessary to refine the final work. 

Landing page price

The price starts at 100 EUR

The rate might vary based on the individual needs of each client. The price includes SEO research, two revisions, and tax.

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