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Landing Page Writing Services

A landing page is a webpage where your customers or site visitors “land” after clicking on a link. It can also be called a sales page. It focuses on promoting one specific product or service. 

What is a landing page for?

A landing page is for promoting or selling a specific service or product. A clear example of a landing page is when a visitor lands after clicking on an ad. For instance, you run an ad on Facebook for your yoga classes. When a person clicks on the ad, they will be linked to a landing page with all the information necessary to make a sale. The page describes the product, states the benefits, and has a clear call to action to convert the visitor into a customer. 

Why is SEO important in writing a landing page?

On-site SEO is crucial for landing pages because keywords and content optimization boost organic traffic. Typically, a landing page is at the bottom of the buyer's journey. So it has to have a relevant search intent and a clear action to match it. 


Picking keywords with the right search intent for a landing page and providing value for the visitors significantly increase your organic traffic and conversion rates.

More about landing pages

My process of writing an SEO landing page

I work closely with a client so that we can develop a strategy and goals best fitted for their business. After identifying their goals, I perform keyword research based on the page's intent. I prepare an outline to make the landing page informational and effective in converting visitors to customers. When I create content for a landing page, I always think about what would benefit the reader most so that they would get as much value as possible. 

Landing page price

The price starts at 150 EUR.


The rate might vary based on the individual needs of each client. The price includes SEO research, two revisions, and tax.

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