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Blog Writing Services

A blog is an integral part of your website. While web pages describe your company and services, the blog answers customer questions. You have the freedom to address different topics and provide more value to your visitors to boost your ranking on search engines.

What is a blog post for?

A blog has many purposes. The main goal of a blog post is to address the reader and help them find relevant information. Blog posts can create awareness about your field and services and educate customers. However, as a business, your blog is your primary organic traffic generator. You can have as many blog posts as you can create and optimize them to bring website visitors.

Is blog writing good for SEO?

Yes. Blog writing can be a great way to target the top of your customer's journey. Using effective on-site SEO, finding the right keywords based on the search intent, and writing quality content can put you on the first pages of Google. 

More about blogging for business

My process of writing a blog post

Depending on your needs, we can start by developing your blog strategy. I look at what content you already have and what blog posts could benefit your readers the most. With selected topics, I perform keyword research that is matched with your post's intent. When I have all the SEO information, I begin by writing an outline and researching the topic. Only after preparing the foundation I begin crafting the final post.

Blog post price

The blog post price starts at 100 euros. 


The rate might vary based on the individual needs of each client. The price includes SEO research, two revisions, and tax.

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