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Meet the face
behind Written Away

My name is Egle, I’m a freelance SEO content writer and strategist living in the Canary Islands. 


I have five years of content management and SEO experience writing on health and wellness, content marketing, and finance topics. 


Since I learned to write, it has been my passion. After studying in Europe and working for a year in Southeast Asia, I decided that writing could be more than just a hobby but also the desired career path.  

As someone with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to creating compelling content, I thrive on turning words into stories and helping brands develop their voice and find a way to communicate with readers.

I produce thoroughly researched and SEO-oriented blog posts, landing pages, webpages, and other web copy to boost your inbound marketing.


I use in-depth industry knowledge and skills such as on-site SEO, blogging, keyword research, storytelling, content planning, and research to ensure your brand develops its voice and gets you found online.

In addition to writing, I can help you create a web content strategy. Web content strategy sets the whole tone for your communication with customers. It guides you through the clear steps and keeps you on track with your progress. Together, we get clear on your business DNR. I perform a content audit and based on the content gaps, goals, and potential, I work on creating content funnels and topic clusters for your web. 


My work has been featured on Fearless She Wrote, Lovability, The Startup, Interesting Engineering.

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